Patch 5.0.3

The Rejector a posted Mon at 14:30

We have updated to Pixelmon 5.0.3

Use (copy paste on the search textbox in Technic Launcher!)

The Dungeon

The Rejector a posted Sat at 16:07

The Dungeon 

The dungeon has been released!

Rewards for defeating the first floor (the mine) - 10 great balls and 1 ultra ball

Rewards for defeating the second floor (the islands) - 2 master balls  and 10k money

Reward   for defeating the third floor (the first floor of the tower) - 1 shiny random pokemon!

Rewards for finishing the dungeon (the second floor of the tower) - Legendary crate key, 200k money

Update Information

The Rejector a posted Mar 20, 17

Update Information 5.0.2

We have updated the server to the newest version of Pixelmon (5.0.2) You can easily update to the required version using our new modpack paste the link on the

search box in Technic Launcher. Then click install! )

The new update Includes:

-Mega Evolutions

-Bug fixes

What updates to expect in the following week or two:

-Questing tower


-And other ideas that we still need to test 


The Rejector a posted Mar 3, 17

Tournament #2

 A Tournament will be held on 18th March (Saturday) 19:00 UK TIME  !

1. No ÜBER pokemon - Lugia, Mewtwo, Rayquaza,Blaziken,Blissey

2. No ÜBER moves - Gilloutine, Fissure, Horn Drill, Sheer Cold

2. No medicine items.

3. Maximum level the pokemon can be is lvl 100 ( they can be below 100 we won't discriminate on that part).

Reward: Legendary crate key + Champ title


The Rejector a Only the ones on the list.
KarnivoreSheep What is "Übers"? Are all the pokémon from that smogon tier banned from this tournamen...

Tournament - Saturday

The Rejector a posted Jan 29, 17

Strange Tournament #1 - Saturday

 Saturday (18.02.2017) from 19:00 UK  time  a Strange Tournament will Take place.


1.You can use only the pokemon listed here:Abra, Butterfree,Bellsprout, Beedrill, Caterpie, Coffin, Ekans,Goldeen,Jigglypuff Magikarp, Meowth; Ratatta, Pichu, Psyduck, Pidgy, Slowpoke, Togepi.

2. No medicine items.

3. Maximum level the pokemon can be is lvl 100 ( they can be below 100 we won't discriminate on that part)

Reward: Legendary crate key


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