Pixelmon 5.1.2

The Rejector a posted Jul 2, 17

Modpack link:

You can join the server by copying this link and pasting it into the technic launcher!

Strange tournament

The Rejector a posted Jun 30, 17

   Strange tournament #4

On 15th July 19:00 UK time, a strange tournament will be held.


1.You can use only these pokemon (you can't use their evolution) - 





2. You cannot use medicine items.

3. Max level is 100. (but you can also use lower level pokemon).

4. You can use up to 3 pokemon!!!.


Reward: 1 legend crate key, 5 Master Balls and the title SwagChamp.

Tournament #5

The Rejector a posted Jun 20, 17

   Tournament #5     


A Tournament will be held on 25th June (Sunday) 19:00 UK TIME!

 1. No ÜBER pokemon - Lugia, Mewtwo, Rayquaza,Blaziken,Blissey, Deoxys, Mega  Charizard, Smeargle, Ninjasc

 2. No ÜBER moves - Gilloutine, Fissure, Horn Drill, Sheer Cold

 3. No medicine items.

 4. Maximum level the pokemon can be is lvl 100 ( they can be below 100 we won't discriminate on that part).

Reward: Legendary crate key  + Champion title




The Rejector a posted Jun 17, 17


Explore our server and find pokestops. Use /claimpokestop to receive the reward!

New Modpack

The Rejector a posted Jun 16, 17

We've recently updated to pixelmon 5.1.1


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